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At Flo+in Agency, we believe in transparency, communication, and empowering both our valued brand partners and exceptional influencers. This Frequently Asked Questions page has been crafted with your inquiries in mind, aiming to provide you with clear insights into how we operate, the unique value we bring to the table, and the comprehensive services we offer. Whether you're a brand seeking dynamic influencer partnerships or an influencer looking to elevate your journey, this page seeks to address the key aspects of working with us.


What sets your influencer marketing service apart from others?

We work with a diverse range of influencers who have built a strong community. We are selective with the influencers that we work with to ensure the standard of content & engagement is high so that our clients are happy with the results. 


We focus on providing more data analytics to help you measure the actual return on investment of influencer campaigns, offering you more transparent insights into the impact of our collaboration.

What criteria do you use to match influencers with brands? 

In our discovery meeting we will understand your brand, target audience and campaign goals. 

We will then review internal and external influencers hub’s up-to-date insights and identify the best influencers with the strongest community engagement, desired target audience and who are on the right platforms that are aligned with your brand's mission and goals.

How can I get in touch with your agency to discuss potential collaboration/partnership?

Fill in our short get in touch form and a member of our Influencer marketing team will contact you today to arrange a meeting - click here to contact us

How can your agency help my brand/business? 

We help you save time and hassle finding the right influencers for your campaigns. We will manage negotiations, contracts, briefing, content deliverables, invoicing and payments in a timely manner.


We also help you bridge the gap between your marketing challenges and solutions, we can develop creative strategies that will map out a step by step plan to achieve your marketing goals.

How do you measure the success of a campaign?

After identifying your goals for the campaign we will identify what metrics we will track to that will showcase the success of the campaign. We also keep track of our influencers insights of each campaign. We also use discount code tracking & UTM parameters to build reports that help you understand what results we've driven.

Can you provide examples of successful influencer collaborations?

Yes we can, take a look at - our case studies

What are the fees or costs associated with working with your agency? 

Our prices are bespoke and reflect your needs. We want to ensure that you get a ROI and hit your campaign’s targets, so we will work within your marketing budget.

What types of brands and niches do you work with? 

We work mainly with beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. If you fall outside this industry contact us directly to see how we can help!


What sets your influencer management agency apart from others?

We work as a member of your team, we take ownership of our role and do as much as possible to reduce your workload so you can focus on growing your career. From the small important tasks such as monitoring/responding to emails to brand outreach and building long term relationships with brands you want to work with. 


  • Monthly Growth Meetings - Identify any challenges and we will find solutions to help you grow

  • Video Editor - We can match you with a preferred editor to edit your videos and reduce your workload

  • Photographer/Videographer - We can provide you a talented creative to help you shoot your content.

  • Bespoke management fee - Keep a larger share of your fee

  • No long term contracts - Initial contract is 3 months, then a 30 day rolling with a 30 day cancellation notice.

  • Long term relationships - We will find you brand deals that want long term relationship = consistent earning

How can your agency help me as an influencer?

We want all our influencers that we work with to grow, we will help reduce your workload with email management, negotiating contracts, ensuring payments arrive on time, managing brand relationships, managing your calendar and much more. When you have your first discovery meeting with us we will identify what your needs and targets are and we will create a strategy together to help you achieve your goals!

How do you assist influencers in growing their audience and engagement?

We are a team of experienced marketers and influencers who understand what it takes to stay on top of the forever changing landscape of social media. In your first discovery meeting, we will understand your needs and goals. We will then work with you to create a strategy and a personalised plan to help you achieve your goals. No matter where you are in your journey we will help you attain the next level.

How often do you communicate with influencers and brands during campaigns?

Our working hours are between Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. However, we provide continued support throughout our working relationship.

Can influencers from different countries work with your agency?

We mainly work with influencers based in the UK & USA. We are open to work with influencers from different countries on a case by case basis.

Do you offer long-term partnerships for influencers?

We see you as partners and we won’t tie you down to long term contracts, we understand that circumstances change so our contracts are flexible.

What are your management fees or costs associated with working with your agency?

We do things differently, our management fee is bespoke to your needs and is based on our performance. We want you to earn what you are valued hence the reason we don’t charge the standard agency fee of 20%.

What types of brands and niches do you work with?

We work mainly with beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands & influencers. 

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